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Birthdate:Sep 16
Location:Brisbane, Australia
Lover of fanfiction, muffins, ice-cream, big dangly earrings, nail polish. Probably not together though.

I use this journal (and the Livejournal of the same name) to comment on fic that I read, and keep track of authors whose writing (or vids or podfic) I love. If I have friended you that is why! Feel no need to friend back, I don't do anything here :-) I try and say hi before I friend, but sometimes feel too shy.

Interests (126):

adam lambert, alexander skarsgard, australia, band of brothers, billie piper, bones, books, brendon urie, british india, c.s. lewis, captain jack harkness, cheese, chocolate, christian kane, christina hendricks, cobra starship, crossovers, dark heavens, david tennant, death of rats, discworld, doctor who, eliot, ellen page, fall out boy, fanfiction, finding nemo, friday night lights, gay rights, generation kill, gerard butler, gerard way, gilmore girls, good omens, gossip girl, green street hooligans, grey's anatomy, hardison, harry potter, heath ledger, himym, his dark materials, history, history boys, house m.d., house md, how i met your mother, howimetyourmother, hugh jackman, hugh laurie, hugs, icons, inception, jack sparrow, james marsters, jason mraz, john barrowman, john marsden, johnny depp, juno, karen gillan, katherine heigl, kelly clarkson, kimya dawson, kradam, kris allen, leverage, life on mars, lisa hannigan, lord of the rings, lorelai gilmore, love actually, m*a*s*h, matt smith, merlin, metric, missy higgins, movies, mumford and sons, musicals, my chemical romance, narnia, nate fick, ncis, neil gaiman, p!atd, p!nk, panic at the disco, panic! at the disco, parker, pete murray, philip pullman, pirates of the caribbean, reading, rilo kiley, rory gilmore, scrubs, sherlock holmes, slash, song of the lioness quartet, sookie stackhouse, southland, star trek, tamora pierce, terry pratchett, the academy is..., the big bang theory, the chronicles of narnia, the doctor, the l-word, the o.c., the temper trap, the tomorrow series, the young veins, time travel, tom hardy, torchwood, true blood, unresolved sexual tension, urban fantasy, veronica mars, viggo mortensen, women's rights, x-men, young adult lit, zac efron
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